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    I have owned one of the original Buzzards Bay 15 for 45 years. The sail plan that is shown is not for a Buzzards Bay 15. The rigging type listing is for a Gaffhead Sloop but the sail plan is for a Marconi Sloop (as noted) which was never used and none were built with it. The sail area (S.A.) is also incorrectly listed as 240 Sq. Ft. The gaff headed Sloop sail area is 330 Sq. Ft. That makes the S.A./Disp. ratio also wrong. It should be 26.65 for the gaff rig. The correct sail plan is below. Sorry for the low res. This is the best I could find for now. I will revisit with a better one if this is not up to your standards. This is however much better than what is there now. . Out of over 90 Herreshoff 15s built only 11 were Marconi, known as the “Watch Hill 15″which is not the rig as shown in the listing either. All the rest were Gaff Headed Sloops like the plan below.

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    Hello Jim,
    We have a separate listing for the Buzzards Bay 15 which can be found here: https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/buzzards-bay-15.
    In fact, you helped us update that listing at some point a few years back.
    We’ve replaced the drawing of the Marconi rig with the one you sent and updated the sail area on the Herreshoff 15 page. Thank you for sending that.

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