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    I was browsing the data regarding the Vertue Class yachts and was slightly surprised to find that they have Sail Area/ Displacement ratio of 9.74 which when reading the explanation of the category would make the Vertue a very slow yacht. I realise they are not racing machines but a Vertue under the ownership of Bill Nance held the single-handed speed record for a long passage of 122 miles per day over 53 days. I decided to check the drawing of the sail plan for my Vertue “Sumara of Weymouth” and found that with the standard Yankee, staysail and mainsail the area was 394 square feet whereas your site has given a sail area of 300 square feet. A quick Google search seems to come up with other Vertues have sail areas around 380 – 390 square feet. It would be great if you are able to look into this and make the boats go faster!

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    Hi Alasdair, We stand corrected. Looking at the book, Laurent Giles and His Designs by Adrian Lee and Ruby Philpott © 1991 by International Marine Publishing Co. We now see that we underreported the sail area for most Vertues. The “original” design, the ANDRILLOT, had a sail area of 366 sqft. That changes by hull #2. We have updated the record to report 395 sqft. We also added a record for the Vertue II, the GRP version of the VERTUE, still in production today by Bossoms Boat Yard in the UK.
    Thanks for the “heads-up” on our error.

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