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    The Victoria 34 was built by Victoria Marine Ltd at Stone Pier Yard, Shore Road Warsash, Southampton SO31 9FR. Currently your listing has the builder as Northshore which is incorrect.

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    Hello Mintaka,
    Thanks for reaching out.
    Victoria Marine had Northshore build the hulls which were then fitted out by Victoria. We agree the way we were reporting that fact was confusing.
    We’ve done some editing which will, hopefully, eliminate that confusion.


    Hello Bruce,

    Thank you very much for your reply which clears up some confusion I had.

    May I also mention that the Victoria 34 was available with 2 sail plans,  the standard Sloop rig and the optional Cutter rig.




    Our site is limited in that we can only display one rig type. In cases like this, we mention there are other rig options available in the Notes section.

    For the Victoria 34, from the documents we saw, it appeared the rig type was the owners choice and neither was “standard.” So we reported the cutter rig and mentioned a sloop rig was also offered.

    All that said, we changed the reported rig type to masthead sloop and mentored the cutter rig in the Notes.

    Thanks again.


    Many thanks for all your time on this.

    I have used the website for many years and it really is an invaluable resource.

    All I can say is, please keep up the good work.




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