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    Long story short, a gentleman I rented my mooring to fell on hard times and i purchased the boat from him. Its apparently called a “Van Der Dutch Flier 28” and his listing of the boat is the only one I’ve found for it, save for a 1985 something brochure with a listing for a Dutch Flier 28ft boat.

    Here is his listing for the boat (its outdated by months and needs more then just paint and varnish, the wood immediately surrounding the interior port and starboard windows is completely deteriorated at this point in time)

    here is a photo of a plate in the cockpit on the transom

    After some googling of my own, i can tell you “V.D. (van der) rest nautic” is a place in the Netherlands, and “Bouwnr.” is “Bouwnummer” abbreviated which means hull number.

    That’s all i got lol the guy is applying for a duplicate title rn and had no original owners manual for the boat, i could still find my 1967 Cal 28’s owners manual, and I thought that would be difficult xD

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    Here’s information we found in Sailboat Buyers’ Guide by Alan Chappell © 1983 and an archived vdrestnautic.nl website…

    The boat is a Dutch Flyer 28 imported into the US by Holland Yachts which was located in MD. Holland Yachts went out of business in 1988. The boat is called a Piewiet 850 in the Netherlands. All boats from this yard were designed by Mr. Van der Rest.

    We have created a new record for this boat. You can find it here: https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/piewiet-850

    Hope this helps.


    THank you so much Bruce, this is likely the fastest, most concise answer I’ve gotten on a forum, anywhere.
    you rock good sir


    Most times it’s nearly impossible to find the answer to “What boat is this?” but as they say, even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then. :slightly_smiling_face:

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