Beta Marine

Beta Marine

Sailboat Specifications

Hull Type: Long Keel
Rigging Type: Fractional Sloop
LOA: 8.53 m
LWL: 5.79 m
S.A. (reported): 27.87 m²
Beam: 2.21 m
Displacement: 2,300 kg
Ballast: 1,000 kg
Max Draft: 1.19 m
Construction: Wood/FG
Ballast Type: Iron
First Built: 1957
Last Built: 1965
# Built: 600
Builder: Strorebro Bruk (SWE)
Designer: Tord Sunden

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KLSC Leaderboard

Auxiliary Power/Tanks (orig. equip.)

Make: Volvo Penta
Model: F-12
Type: Diesel
HP: 6
Fuel: 30 L


Water: 30 L
Headroom: 1.60 m

Sailboat Calculations

S.A. / Displ.: 16.31
Bal. / Displ.: 43.49
Disp: / Len: 329.99
Comfort Ratio: 25.79
Capsize Screening Formula: 1.69
S#: 1.50
Hull Speed: 5.84 kn
Pounds/Inch Immersion: 492.20 pounds/inch

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Rig and Sail Particulars

I: 7.62 m
J: 3.51 m
P: 8.84 m
E: 3.35 m
S.A. Fore: 13.35 m²
S.A. Main: 14.82 m²
S.A. Total (100% Fore + Main Triangles): 28.17 m²
S.A./Displ. (calc.): 16.49
Est. Forestay Length: 8.39 m

Sailboat Links

Designers: Tord Sundén
Builders: Storebro Bruk AB (SWE)
Associations: Storebro Passion
Related Sailboats: KING'S CRUISER 29
Download Boat Record:


The King's Cruiser is the first sailing boat built by Örnmaskiner. In 1965, AB Örnmaskiner purchased Storebro Bruks AB and decided to keep the Storebro name.
The KINGS CRUISER 28 was introduced at the NY Boat show of 1957. With it's high quality, all mahogany construction, and very reasonable price, it was a huge hit.
A large number went to the US.
Beginning in 1958, boats were shipped with a Volvo Penta MD1 engine
There was a later fiberglass version, the KINGS CRUISER 29 (introduced in 1968) and built by Åbo Shipyard of Finland.