Beta Marine

Beta Marine

Sailboat Specifications

Hull Type: Catamaran (no boards/asym.)
Rigging Type: Fractional Sloop
LOA: 15.75 ft / 4.80 m
S.A. (reported): 248.00 ft² / 23.04 m²
Beam: 7.61 ft / 2.32 m
Displacement: 335.00 lb / 152 kg
Construction: FG
First Built: 2002
# Built: 900
Designer: Yves Loday

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Sailboat Calculations

S.A. / Displ.: 82.35

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Designers: Yves Loday
Download Boat Record:


Spin. SA: 183 sf.
SL 16 has same hulls as the SL 15.5 but with more sail area as shown on superimposition.
The original KL 15.5 was designed in 1993.
The SL 16 was selected by ISAF in 2005 for the youth world championships.