Bristol Yachts

1964 - 1997

Clint Pearson launched Bristol Yachts in the fall of 1964 after he stepped out of the presidency of the Pearson Yachts, which had become a division of Grumman Allied Industries. After purchasing the assets of Sailstar Yachts, another manufacturer of small sailboats in the area, he also bought the Poppasquash Point boat yard and the land on Franklin Street to establish a manufacturing plant. Here he built the first new models like the Bristol 27, designed by Carl Alberg. In one year 172 Bristol 27's were built.
There was also the Bristol 29 designed by Halsey Herreshoff, the Bristols 32 and 39 designed by Ted Hood, and Bristol 34 designed by John Alden Assoc..
Later 'second generation' models included the 31.1, 35.5, 41.1, 45.5, 47.7 and then larger custom boats. In total, 4400 Bristol Yachts were produced between 1965 and 1997 when the company ceased production.
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Sailboats Built By Bristol Yachts

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