Beta Marine

Beta Marine

Sailboat Specifications

Hull Type: Fin w/spade rudder
Rigging Type: Masthead Sloop
LOA: 6.71 m
LWL: 5.18 m
S.A. (reported): 22.30 m²
Beam: 2.26 m
Displacement: 1,814 kg
Ballast: 1,043 kg
Max Draft: 1.14 m
Construction: FG
Ballast Type: Iron or Lead
First Built: 1966
Last Built: 1990
# Built: 1203
Builder: A.G. Hurley Marine Ltd, (UK)/South Coast Marine/Ravensail
Designer: Ian L. Anderson

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Sailboat Calculations

S.A. / Displ.: 15.28
Bal. / Displ.: 57.50
Disp: / Len: 363.47
Comfort Ratio: 23.14
Capsize Screening Formula: 1.87
Hull Speed: 5.52 kn
Pounds/Inch Immersion: 450.71 pounds/inch

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Sailboat Links

Designers: Ian Anderson
Builders: Hurley Marine Ltd.
South Coast Marine (UK)
Associations: Hurley Owners Association
Download Boat Record:


The HURLEY 22 was Hurley Marine's most popular model. After Hurley Marine went out of business, the boat was built by South Coast Marine and then Ravensail.
Ravensail called their version the HURLEY 22R.
Later still, a few were built by Hurlwind (1988-1990). It is also said some were built (under license)in Holland. (HURLEY 700) .
HURLEY 22's differ from one another in many details including mast lengths, ballast material, internal finish and etc..
Fin or bilge keels. Bilge keel version draws 2.5'.
Earlier, non-bilge keel models, had a different shaped rudder on skeg.
Ballast and disp. numbers that seem to be shared across most of the manufacturers literature seem to be unrealistic though they are quoted here.
(Designer has stated bal/disp ratio was to be 40%.)