Beta Marine

Beta Marine

Sailboat Specifications

Hull Type: Trimaran Dbrd.
Rigging Type: Masthead Sloop
LOA: 33.00 ft / 10.06 m
LWL: 30.00 ft / 9.14 m
S.A. (reported): 492.00 ft² / 45.71 m²
Beam: 23.00 ft / 7.01 m
Displacement: 4,000.00 lb / 1,814 kg
Max Draft: 3.50 ft / 1.07 m
Min Draft: 1.75 ft / 0.53 m
Construction: FG or Plywood
First Built: 1968
Builder: various
Designer: Lock Crowther/John Hitch

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Sailboat Calculations

S.A. / Displ.: 31.33
Disp: / Len: 66.14
KSP: 0.96

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Sailboat Links

Designers: Lock Crowther
Download Boat Record:


As a very general rule, the Crowther trimaran designs of this period known as Kraken's, were fixed beam, more racing oriented craft than the Buccaneers, which were designed with aluminum cross beams and intended to be 'de-mountable'. Randy Browning, creator of this site, was a former owner of a KRAKEN 33. He said, "I can only comment that it is a truly fine yacht, with few vices and way ahead of its time."
Shown here is the KRAKEN 33 Mk IV.